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Picture of the designer of MAR Atelier

I'm Sebastian a Fashion designer located in Germany. During my time at the University I focused on tailoring and developing skills in handcraft and couture techniques. I finished my degree in fashion design and working now as a Fashion designer and Stylist.


I was raised and surrounded by powerful women who made their way to who they are now. Coming out of an immigrant family as well as my mother and aunt being seamstresses, I was always in touch with tradition and clothing. Both points strengthened my affinity for handcraft and precision in garments.

I was always an outsider, different from the people around me. Over time, this experience has shown me that being an outsider is not necessarily a negative thing. On the contrary, in this role you discover the world from a different perspective.

My garments are designed to create a safe space for women and allow them to celebrate themselves and be confident, to embrace the power in a woman and tribute the spark in a strong personality. I want to inspire the wearer to recreate the old Self and finding new aspects in it.

Bending rules and norms.

b i o g r a p h y 
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